In the world of hardware, screws are small metal pins with a raised helical thread and a sharp end point. Screws are used as fasteners: they are rotated tightly into place with a screwdriver. Screws are usually made of stainless steel or similar, although they can also be made of plastic or polyamide. Screws are available in a multitude of lengths and sizes - including varying sizes of thread. Some screws feature Torx heads: a type of screw head with a patented star-shaped pattern. Other styles are the recessed cross head and the hexagonal head. Dowels are small cylindrical rods made of plastic, metal or wood. They are designed to be inserted into small, tight-fitting holes and act as supports for shelving or as a core on which cable or wire can be wound. Springs are toughened coils of metal that are used to store and absorb energy. Distrelec supplies screws, dowels, nuts and springs from a wide range of manufacturers, such as Bossard, Keystone, Richco and Schurter. Convenient assortment boxes are available for nuts and bolts or screws and retaining rings, and are ideal for use at work or at home in the toolshed.